In Memory

Gilbert Mc Closkey (Hawkins) '52 - Class Of 1952

Gilbert Mc Closkey (Hawkins)

birth: 12/17/1938

death: 10/23/1994

I am Mr. Mc Closkey (Hawkins) 1st Cousin. He went on to Graduate from the Walled Lake School system in 1956. He then went on to Graduate from St. Joseph's College in Rennselear (Now Collegeville Indiana) in 1960. The year I graduated from St. Joan of Arc.
He then spent 4 yrs. in the Army was stationed in Korea. He came out and had a Teaching Degree (History) which he never used. Lived in Chicago and tended bar there. He met someone who worked for the Gov. with the Health Dept. He applied and worked for the Health Dept. for about 29 yrs.
In that time period he met a wonderful woman (Joy Smith) this was in New Jersey. He transfered numerous times until the Nixon Admin. and was really concerned about being canned. But this never happened because he landed his dream job. Working with The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, his wifes home town. This is where he spent the last 15 yrs. of his life. Married 2 daughters Jennifer born in the late 60's, Kristin born in the early 70's.
In 1995 my Cousin was to be my best at my Wedding but had died in 1994 of Lung Cancer. Leaving behind his Wife and 2 very succesful Daughters. But was never made a Grandfather. He missed by 1 Year.
I know all of this because he was like an older brother to me.

Al O'Brien