In Memory

Sister Leorita Ryder

Sister Leorita Ryder
From the Founding Community of Nazareth
Entered into eternal life on May 5, 2012, at the age of 102 years,
celebrating 84 years of religious life in the Congregation of St. Joseph.


We commend Sister Leorita to your prayers.
Update Written in 2010:
The 2nd principal of SJA school celebrated her 100th birthday on March 28, 2010. She was principal from 1953-1959. She currently lives in retirement at the Sisters of St. Joseph retirement facility in Nazareth, MI. St. Joan students each made a card and they sent a large box to her as a surprise. She responded with a kind letter, and in it she says, "I remember when I was at St. Joan's. We had about 1500 students at that time...It even climbed to 2000 a few years later. We had grades Kdgn. to 8th grade. You have a great school. Be proud of it."