In Memory

Lawrence Bastuba - Class Of 1970

Deceased Classmate: Lawrence Bastuba (1970)
Date Deceased: February-2-1986
Age at Death: 30
Cause of Death: Accidental
Classmate City: St. Clair Shores
Classmate State: MI
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Wife Fran, son Brandon & daughter Melissa. Brothers...Kenneth, Ronald, Terrence, Daniel and Martin Bastuba.

We called my brother...Big Lar. He was 6'3'' and about 220 lbs, with the strength of a lion and the heart of a saint! A wonderful human being in every way. He went to church and was a loving husband to his wife and two children. He was a wonderful brother who you could count on to help out at any moment if he was able. He has been gone for some time now and I miss him every day of my life. Larry was born on November 18, 1955. Please pray for his soul and God bless you all.